The film's theatrical poster.

Boy Wonder is a 2012 superhero action adventure film based on Batman's sidekick Robin, directed by Aydan Woodward. The film was released 21st of December 2012.


It has been 4 months since Batman had mysteriously disappeared. 28 year old Dick Grayson wonders why the Dark Knight has disappeared, and decides to become a vigilante.

Dick then signs up to become a member of Wayne Enterprises. At home, Dick designs a costume, while his cat Selina watches quietly. He goes out, beats up some thugs and takes the name Robin. Inspector Harvey Bullock arrives at the scene, and finds a note left by Robin, with his website adress and logo.

Meanwhile, Garfield Lynns, a psychopath obsessed with the idea of burning Gotham, makes himself a costume as well. On a rooftop, Robin confronts Lynns, now the villain Firefly, who easily beats Robin, shooting him with his flamethrower gun.

That night, Dick is offered 1000$ by the Gotham bank for an unknown reason, and is promoted to CEO of Wayne Enterprises while Bruce is away.

Lynns organizes a meeting with two members of the mob working for Rupert Thorne. He orders them to kill Robin, who has "replaced" Batman as the savior of Gotham City.

Robin battles Firefly at the ACE Chemical Plant a while after the meeting. After Robin throws him, Firefly holds onto the balcony where Robin is. Robin tries pull him up, but he is distracted by the sound of a gunshot, making him accidentally let go of Firefly, letting him fall into a vat of chemicals and die.

Later, at midnight, Robin is still haunted by Firefly's death, but he must move on and continue serving Gotham. Then, Batman touches him on the shoulder telling him he isn't alone, starting their partnership.


Jimmy Maugleiter and Gary Scot portray the thugs that Robin defeats, Mitsy The Cat portrays Selina, Dick's cat, an uncredited Aydan Woodward portrays Batman at the end of the film.


Boy Wonder was critically panned by viewers and critics, calling it one of the worst films the group has ever made. However, it has gained a small "so bad it's good" cult following. Even the director Aydan Woodward called it "embarrassing" four years later in an interview. However, despite its poor rating, Boy Wonder is the most viewed Zebcast Studios film of all time, with people flocking to see the fan film that failed so badly.

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