The movie´s official poster.

To Serve And Defend is a spy film made by Zebcast Studios. It is the first installment in the "Bond Trilogy". It was released the 12th September 2012 and was followed by a sequel, Diamond Foot, in 2013.


At the MI6 HQ, two men are searching through the agents files. When they come across agent 007 ( Simon Barwell )´s file, they discover he was killed in action. They rush to find a replacement, and they find the right person, army newcomer James Bond.

Bond is doing his basic military training in Pakistan, when he bumps into Douglas Crow, head of MI6. He offers Bond a chance to join them, and Bond accepts his offer.

In London, Bond is given his first task, seek out and eliminate Clark Romanoff, a Russian lieutenant selling weapons to the black market, and he´s currently hiding in Ghana, West Africa.

Bond finds Romanoff there, and a chase begins. Then, Romanoff hides in an oil refinery. Bond goes in the oil refinery to find him, but Romanoff surprises Bond and hits him in the face with a spanner. Bond eventually finishes Romanoff and shoots him.

Bond returns to HQ, his cheek heavily bruised due to the spanner. Crow betrays Bond and shoots him with a poison dart, revealing himself to be Arkady Ourumov, leader of SPECTRE. He goes out to destroy MI6 while Bond is unconscious. Bond luckily regains consciousness and goes to kill Ourumov.

Ourumov is about to leave in his Range Rover, until Bond arrives just in time and shoots Ourumov´s leg, telling him his fate, being locked away in solitary confinement.

Bond is promoted to the rank of 007 by the Queen for his bravery in serving England, and to substitute the previous 007.

Cast. Edit

  • Aydan Woodward - Romanoff.

Timothy Dalton appears as Simon Barwell in a photograph in one of the documents, Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan in another document and an unknown person as Robert Epson, a character made specifically for the film.


To Serve And Defend received generally positive reviews from viewers, praising Ryan Woodward's portrayal of James Bond and the story. It is, after Boy Wonder and Stormwatchers, the third most viewed film on the group's YouTube channel.

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